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With the new MOSKITO TI you have nine functions in less than 1.3 kilo

The MOSKITO TI combines higher usability, lower weight and broader capabilities than any device in its class. Incorporating Safran Vectronix performance history, it is reliable in all conditions and gives dismounted infantry and special forces exactly what they need for full 24-hour situational awareness.

Overview functions

Broader capabilities

3 viewing modes: Optical Day View, thermal and lowlight. Smart design for recording, editing and live streaming

More connectivity

outstanding C4I capabilities that meet NATO interconnectivity requirements. Multiple interfaces including USB and Ethernet ready data exchange with other devices

Higher usability

designed around user requirements with a highly ergonomic design, intuitive user interface and one button per function

Modular GPS solution

slot accomodates commercial GPS or high precision SAASM GPS receiver

Optimized power concept

commercial batteries and low-consumption sensors


outstanding recording and processing capabilities

Standard interfaces

easy integration into higher-level systems with USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Serial RS-232

Laser rangefinder

low divergence for best performance in harsh environmental conditions (dust, humidity) with an optional laser marker

Digital magnetic compass

high performance, low weight and low power consumption. Includes inclinometer

See how the view modes work

Dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for your targeting missions.


From mission to product

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MOSKITO TI Launch @ Eurosatory

June 2014 - Vectronix and Sagem (Safran) have combined their knowledge to design and launch a revolutionary, multifunctional handheld device at Eurosatory

Software Release completed

January 2015 - Today, Vectronix has released a series of updates for MOSKITO TI. This update is the first of the planned stabilization package.

End-User Training done

Following a very good feedback from the market, Vectronix continues to train the new product to their customers.

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